What We Do

Mobile App

We transform your idea into a product. We build design, MVP, cross-platform/native app, software platform, admin portal, and everything needed around a business.

Business Development

We poineered in App Store search optimization, social media integration, organic traffic flow towards your business. All these drive user satisfaction and higher engagement.

Multi-Platform Presence

We master in scaleable ecosystem development which includes Android, iOS app, web presence, tablet support, etc. This is how a brand becomes part of everyday life.

Time & Cost Effective

Accelerate your success with the Elastic Stack on a budget, on a schedule with higher quality — at any stage in your journey. We come to you to build a relationship.

About Us

Codinism is a San Jose based company specializing in business development for startups. We keep you engaged in the technology and architectural decisions and then do the heavy lifting.

To start a conversation: codinism@gmail.com

Our Product

Programming Hero

Programming Hero is a ground-breaking app to teach programming with fun and exciting stories.

App Preview image